Product lines

Kern Pr├Ązisionsantriebe
Magnetkupplungen und Hysteresebremsen

Kern develops and manufactures precision motors with low vibrations and quiet running.

Every motor is adapted to special requirements of our clients and is thus perfectly optimised for the respective intended use.  More

Kern manufactures electromagnetic clutches and brakes in the magnetic powder technology or with permanent magnets.

 The clutches and brakes are characterised by special braking precision and can stop within 20┬░.  More

Professional coil winding technology

Kern winds coils on cores and air-core coils in standard and special materials.

Professional coil winding ranges from careful manual winding for individual pieces to streamlined serial production. More

Paint heaters are a special product for the paint industry

Paint heaters help operating mobile or stationary painting systems for industry and skilled crafts and trades more efficiently.  More