Hot paint technology - Technical Data

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  • Ex- protected with ATEX Certificate
  • Heating Power 3200W
  • Weight 19,4 Kg
  • Max. working pressure 250 - 500 bar
  • Working temperature 0- 82°C
  • one and two-channel designs available
  • Suitable for solvent- and water based paints
  • Heating jacket from carbon steel, acid-resistant and applicable in the food industry




The Kern paint heaters facilitate the modern, cost-efficient hot-spraying process for paints.To make this technique possible paint- heaters are mandatory.  They are heating the paint, laquer or surface coat, to lower the viscosity. The advantages of the paint heater are in a number of different fields.


    • economic efficiency

  • environmental care
    • health care

Painting station with paint heater

Paint heaters for more efficiency

Saving of solvents

 In case of cold-spraying, thinners must often be added to paints in order to attain a sprayable consistency. The hot-spraying process not only facilitates saving of expensive solvents, but it is also easy on the environment and the health of the painter.

Better Results

Heated paints have excellent pray dispersion properties. This guarantees brilliant surfaces and reduces the risk of curtaining. Also, there are no abnormalities in the application of paint due to changing ambient temperatures; this improves the reliable quality of work.

Saving Time

The paint heaters facilitate a higher layer thickness, which often saves a second application of paint; and the higher viscosity facilitates faster work. Time is also saved thanks to the minor amount of solvents, since this makes it possible to use the oven.

Saving Material

Without the hot-spraying process, one must work with more solvents or with increased pressure. The resulting paint fog implies loss of paint; moreover, the nozzles and pump parts are subject to increased wear.

Technical information, the ATEX certificate and the operating instructions

can be found here