Series GM

The motors of the series GM are characterised by an especially precise true run; their power indicates an especially flexible spectrum, which is suitable for applications that have very elastic requirements.

They are especially reliable and are used in the IP 54 execution in the pharmaceutical industry.




Rated Power


Nominal Voltage


Rated Torque


Rated Speed


Rated Current


GM 55 K60300,1640003,7
GM 55 M80300,2040004,5
GM 55 L110480,3040003,6
GM 68 K100480,3330003,0
GM 68 M130480,4230004,3
GM 68 L170480,5430005,4
GM 82 K130500,4230004,0
GM 82 M200500,6430005,8
GM 82 L240500,7530006,5
GM 92 M340501,1030009,8
GM 92 L430501,40300010,0
GM 110 K501201,6325005,4
GM 110 L500481,90250014,0


Peak Current


Voltage Constant


Torque Constant


Armature Resistance


GM 55 K11,15,80,0401,60
GM 55 M13,55,80,0441,07
GM 55 L10,810,00,0831,88
GM 68 K9,013,70,1103,17
GM 68 M12,913,10,16461,74
GM 68 L16,213,40,11291,26
GM 82 K12,013,90,11251,55
GM 82 M17,414,20,12241,00
GM 82 L19,514,60,12610,70
GM 92 M 29,414,40,12240,39
GM 92 L30,016,10,14000,35
GM 110 K16,240,00,35182,10
GM 110 L42,016,80,14350,20
GM 55 K
Drehzahl / Drehmoment Kennlinie Motoren GM Baureihe
GM 55 L
GM 55 M
GM 68 K
GM 68 L
GM 68 M
GM 82K
GM 82 L
GM 82 M
GM 92 M
GM 92 L
GM 110 K
GM 110 L

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Continuous line = Continuous operation


At an ambient temperature of 25° C, the maximum rotor temperature is attained in case of continuous loadDotted line = Repeatable range of operationThis range can be used under different load characteristics. It is limited by temperature effect, commutation and demagnetisation.


Dotted two-point line = Short-time operation


The motor may be loaded for a short time and recurrently. If this range is exceeded, the motor is damaged irreversibly.




Tolerances according to VDE 0530. A tolerance of +/-10% is applicable for values not specified according to VDE 0530.


In case of assembly of a shaft seal at the drive shaft, a slightly lower torque should be expected due to frictional losses.


The technical specifications given in the table and in the power curves refer to DC voltage supply with a permissible harmonic content of up to 5%

The specifications are applicable only for the use at an ambient temperature of 0°C to 40°C. This range should neither be undershot nor exceeded, since there is otherwise the risk of permanent magnet weakening.


Subject to technical modifications

Accessories and additional components
Zubehör und Anbaukomponenten für Motoren


Gear unit PLE series planetary gears can be supplied for all motors. A classification and detailed description of the gear units for the individual motor types can be found  here


These refer to permanent agnet holding brakes and are described in detail in the brakes section.


There re 2 encoders available:

Type 1:  2-canal encoder with a pulse count of 500 or 1000 Imp/U.

Type 2:  6-canal encoder with a pulse count of 500 or 1000 Imp/U.

Both with a 5V signal



DC tachogenerators with a voltage constant of 10V are used. Tecnical details on request.



For the protection of the second shaft a bonnet is available.


DC servo regulators
An assignment of the regulators to the motor types and a description of the regulators can be found in the section  Servoregulators


Standard design:


Electrical connections with 1m cable

Protection classification IP 40

Insulation class F

Optionally, with or without a second shaft end

Colour grey hammertone

Ball bearing in the 2Z design


Special design:


Electrical plug connection

Special voltages

Motor shaft and connecting flange according to the client drawing

Protection classification IP 54