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BLDC UF Series

The range of DC motors of Kern Antriebstechnik has been enlarged for an ultraflat brushless motor, showing it´s advatages especially in extrem built-in situations and geometries. Again the emphasis was layed on absolute precision.

An additional new brushless motor from Kern

Again, this new motor fits into the current portfolio from Kern Antriebstechnik. We know how to develop perfect smooth running and low cogging, and laied an emphasis on those properties.


A positioning motor with an exceptional geometry

All Kern motors show mor polepairs than the most of the other motors and thus accordingly stand apart from the standard.


The effect of the many polepairs is the minimal cogging and the positioning with hallsensors is much more precise. Another advantage is the special winding technology used in the motor, leading to this compact geometry, so the housing can be helt extremely flat.



Sensible parts need precise drives

Due to the special design, not only the cogging is very low, the exact rotational speed is very exact especially at low rounds per minute. The advantage is obvious especialyl at sensible machines or production parts where a slow and exact increase to the final destination without any vibration is necessary.

Technical data

Data   Unit  
Power ratedW150
nominal VoltageV24
Rated torqueNm0,4
Peak torqueNm0,7
Rated speedmin-14000
Rated currentA6
Peak currentA14

Technical Datasheet

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