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BLDC Series

The brushless drives from Kern Antriebstechnik now includes a new developped series of brushless drives. These precision motors show their characteristic advantages especially as positioning drives for fine-mechanical processing machines.

Brushless drives now available as well as precise version!

Kern Antriebstechnik proudly presents its new motor series.

The new motor series from Kern Antriebstechnik fits exact to the portfolio of the Kern precision motors. The small cogging torque and finest smooth running, two product characteristics of all Kern drives, have been implemented as well into the brushless series.


Extremely exact positioning possible!

In those brushless drives more pole pairs are built in as in the most other drives and thus they stand out from the standard. This is not only the reason for the small cogging torque, but as well for the higher precision of positioning via hallsensors. An additional advantage is the special winding technology used, as it leads to extreme compact dimensions so that it shows a remarkably low design.

A positioning drive for precision machines

The exact positioning technology and the low cogging torque, together with the compact design make this drives predestined for perfect positioning duties and lead to total reproducible results, that are expected from quality machines.


Due to this special design not only the cogging torque is really small, the operation especially at low rotation speeds is very smooth. This offers additional benefits especially in precise mechanical and optical equipment machinery and sensitive production parts when exact and slow approach of the intended position is necessary without vibration.


Technical Data

BLDC 44400 W48 V1,5 Nm

3000 rpm

BLDC 43400 W36 V1,2 Nm3000 rpm
BLDC 22250 W24 V0,8 Nm3000 rpm
BLDC 12150 W24 V0,5 Nm3000 rpm
BLDC 02  50 W24 V0,2 Nm3000 rpm

Technical Datasheet

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