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Active Mixer

The new customer motor "Aktiver Mischer" developed from Kern Antriebstechnik produces the top milk foam  for Cappuccino  in a coffeemachine.


Therefore a BLDC motor was capdsuled with  foodgrade plastic.

Kern produces customer tailored motors

Kern Antriebstechnik is a manufacturer of special motors, developping special motors on customers request. If a new machine is constructed, that neds special motor or other propulsion elements of our product range, we meet and start to develop a concept, that is optimal for the machines requirements.

But other aspects as a short development-time, widely available materials, production reliablility and "zero" defects are to be taken into account during the construction periode.

As this specialmotor goes into food production, quality management plays a crucial role, hat means besides the highest standards a 100% test for the function as well as for compliance with the measures and for leakprofness is necessary.


Exeptional demands require maximum creativitiy

The installation dimensions and the design of the toothed disk have been given, but the questions about the kind of drive, tightness, regulation, and production were still open and a wide field for the engineering.

The breakthrough was finally achieved by the brilliant concept from Kern to press the milk through the motor and build the rotor as the toothed disk.

No shaft bearings, no sealings, no magneting cluthes no mecanicaly driven parts. A simple O-Ring is the seal for the complete motor. That fulfills the aspects of cleaning and hygiene as well as for economic efficiency.

Technical Data

Data   Unit  
Aktive Mixer
Power ratedW80-100
Nominal VoltageV24
Rated torqueNmca. 0,23
Nominal currentA6

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