Motor technology

  • DC motors from 20 - 1000 Watt
  • BLDC-Motors from 50 - 400 Watt
  • Moto controller and control units
  • Tachogenerators, Encoders,
  • Special propulsion technology

Kern Motors

High precision propulsion

We are dealing with electric motors since over 75 years. We have thereby specialised in precision drives.


Be it AC or DC servo motors, brush-operated or brushless drives, a Kern motor is always designed to be especially quiet in running and meets the highest requirements as regards synchronised operation (smooth operation), energy efficiency and low vibrations. Consistently developed to be durable and resilient, they are used wherever "it matters".

Due to their good control characteristics, they can be integrated without any problems even in sensitive control applications and a quick adaptation of the overall design is also possible.

Manufacturing according to the most demanding criteria, paying attention to the smallest details and a product philosophy that leaves nothing to chance have made our motors what they are today. Advanced technology for drive tasks beyond the usual.