Production of magnetic coils

Coreless coils


Coils meant to be built in drive units or housings are often spooled direct on an installation without a bobbin. Coils are stabilized by heating, the socalled baking of the coil.

Coils on bobbins


In case that the coils are inserted into another module, or it is required by the necessary dimensions, the coils are wound direct on an L- or U-bobbin.  This bobbin ensures the stability as well so that baking is not necessary in any case.

Extruded coils


In a further step the coils are extruded with plastic. With the closed casing the coil becomes a complete unit, that is inserted in the factory into other parts, or mounted in units in a customers machine.

Coil winding technology


The correct winding of the coils with the exact required number of windings is only one step in the manifold stages of production.  Preceeded is the computation in regards of dimension, material and inductivity, the planning of connections and plugs, the construction of the coiling installations as well as the tools for the extruding of the bobbins and the jacket.



Connections and bandaging


The raw coils are joint to strands or cables, and fastened  to  plugs and connections. A diversified bandaging and insulation completes the know-how.