Kern Coils

  • Over 75 years of experience
  • over 1000 different types produced
  • Special material available
  • Numbers of 10-50,000 pieces per year
  • Wire thickness from 0.08 mm to 1.6 mm
  • Inner diameter 5 mm - 250 mm
  • Outer diameter 12 mm - 300 mm
  • 6-10,000 windings
  • over 100 exact wound layers
  • 100% continuity test

Coil winding technology


Wire winding is only one step

The correct winding of the coils with the exact required number of windings is only one step in the manifold stages of production. Preceded is the computation in regards of dimension, material and inductance, the planning of connections and plugs, the construction of the coiling installations as well as the tools for the extruding of the bobbins and the jacket. The raw coil is equipped with cables and strands, connected with plugs and connectors so that the coil is prepared for further processing.


Usually all the steps in the production of a coil are proceeded in-house on the shortest ways, with modern equipment and a maximum of experience, so that from the first meeting to the pilot production sometimes only some days or few weeks are necessary.





Production of a coil

  • Computation and engineering
  • Construction of coiling installations
  • Construction of extruding tools
  • Manufacturing of the bobbins
  • Layerwise winding of the coil
  • Bandaging
  • Connection of the strands
  • Pressfitting into the housing
  • Mounting of the plugs
  • Soldering
  • Extruding
  • Quality control