Wire technology overview


  • Wire diameters from 0,05 - 2 mm
  • Coreless or on bobbin
  • Winding layer-wise
  • Different sensors for function monitoring
  • Bandages in plastic or cotton
  • Part- and fully molding of the core
  • Integrated connector contacts
  • Multi-components technology

Coil winding Technology


Right from the foundation of our company, coil winding technology has been one of the special focuses of our activity. Thereby, we consistently combine traditional manufacturing technologies with the most modern developments of industrial production.

This facilitates Kern Antriebstechnik GmbH to respond to the clients' demands flexibly and to implement these economically. Lot size 1 is also part of our day-to-day routine just like the serial delivery with special materials in Kanban and Just-in-Time productions.


Magnetic coils
As part of machines and systems, magnetic coils serve the most varied tasks. Be it as brake magnet or as clutch coil, magnetic coils are always the first choice for safe handling when transferring and controlling torques.

As an electrical counterpart of magnetic coils, inductances serve for the provision of current storage and smoothing capacitances when supplying to electrically demanding circuit sections. Here too, Kern coils are used thanks to the especially non-dissipative winding technology and offer a wide range of operations.