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The new Hysteresis Brake by Kern


Permanentmagnetic Hysteresis Brakes develop their brake force without operational current and are an excellent possibility to control torque because we offer adjustable and pre-adjusted versions. 

The main use is in decoil applications and general engeneering.

Permanentmagnetic Hysteresis Brakes and Cluthes

The new Permanentmagentic Brake by Kern has been improved in many main criteria!


..............1/3 slimmer

..............1/3 lighter

..............1/3 favourable price




The engineer managed to place the same brake power in an essential smaller case. The technology change enables a 30% more compact corpus while maintaining the installation depth. thereby easily solving the common problems with available space in compact machines.

The brake can also be used as a clutch, e.g. Overload protection

The new technology allows a material saving, with the result, that not only the weight got lowered by nearly one-third, but also a lower price.

 The Brakes are available with a fixed adjustment from 0,3 to 0,6 Nm, as well as vernier adjusted versions. Smaller breaking forces are possible as custom made product.

 Through the change in technology and the resulting savings in production and material we were able to lower the price by one-third





Nominal Torque     


Power loss




PMK 0,60,6200120,0040,36
PMK 0,50,5230120,00380,36
PMK 0,40,4290120,00360,35
PMK 0,30,3380120,00340,35

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