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Product overview

Kern Antriebtechnik product overview

Friction brakes and clutches

Friction surface brakes are high-performance brakes for harsh conditions. Braking torques of up to 3500Nm can be attained in this case. Compact modules are available for the brake and clutch set.

Characteristic areas of application:

Heavy engineering and textile industry

Technology principle

The force action of the electromagnetic switching membrane is activated by means of direct current and a backlash-free transfer of the clutch torque to the drive shaft of the machine is facilitated. When voltage is again switched off, the clutch opens so that the switching membrane is completely removed from the magnet body due to its spring force and a safe, residual torque-free separation is ensured.


Areas of application

Friction surface brakes are an effective and economical drive solution in mechanical engineering and are not only used in general mechanical and heavy engineering, but are also predestined for electric and diesel generators as well as for paper, printing, mixing and rolling mill machines and elevator gear units.

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