Clutch / brake technology as overview

  • Hysteresis technology - permanent and separately excited
  • Magnetpowder technology - small dimensions - high torques
  • Clutch-Brake combinations
  • Friction lining clutches and -brakes
  • Special solutions

Clutches and Brakes

Kern Drive Technology

For safe and efficient transfer of torques, we develop and deliver a wide range of clutches and brakes for the most varied operating conditions:

Wear-free hysteresis brakes
Hysteresis brakes are recommendable for the maintenance-free use especially in applications that are difficult to access or are not maintenance-friendly. With their braking torque that remains constant over a wide speed range, they are an ideal solution for all drive tasks that require a constant braking torque.

Magnetic powder brakes and clutches
Thanks to their special design, magnetic powder brakes and clutches offer a very high braking torque even with very small dimensions. The magnetic powder provided in the air gap of these products is electrically excited and thereby forms long particle chains, which considerably increase the braking action of the device.

Separately excited electromagnetic clutches and brakes
As a counterpart of the permanently excited clutch and brake units, separately excited electromagnetic clutches and brakes are an ideal solution for all applications, where the braking torque must be switchable.