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Kern-Competence in drive technology

We develop high precision drive technology, and produce them in small series to single pieces. In this download area you can find datasheets to the single components, but we combine them as well and complete them to drive systems on customers request.


Here you can download the datasheets as PDF.


Please note, that the content is for information only, if you want to implement the products into your machines, a separate offer and detailed drawings are necessary.

At the moment some of the datasheets are under revision, therefore only the released datasheets are available for download. If you need quick information, please be so kind and contact us under the above email address.

Brakes /Clutches


Permanentmagnet                  Friction                                       Magnetic powder

Brakes/Clutches                      Brakes/Clutches                      Brakes/Clutches




Broschüre Kern Präzisionsmotoren
    • PMK 0,05 - globally one of the smallest adjustable hysteresis brakes!


    PDF PMK 0,05 (0,3 MB)

    • Friction brakes and clutches - powerbrakes for severe service


    PDF under revision

    • Magnetic powder brakes - strong performance on request


    PDF under revision

New developped motors


New BLDC series                      Ultraflat motor



Broschüre Kern Präzisionsmotoren
    • High pole BLDC motors, perfect positioning motors for precision machines



    PDF BLDC (0,3 MB)

    • Ultraflat BLDC motor, special development for difficult assembly situations


    PDF UF1 (0,3 MB)