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Kern Antriebtechnik product overview

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Core Competence in drive technology


Our focus is the development and production of high precision drive-technology, as single components as CD motors, Magnetic clutches, magnetic brakes, and magnetic coils. We combine them as well to complex systems and combinations.


Here cou can open and download the brochures of Kern Antriebstechnik as PDF´s.

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    Drive Technology from Kern -

    Competence in Precision



    PDF Imagebrochure ( 2,5 MB)


Kern | Image- & Productbrochure

Productline brochures


Precision motors                     Brakes/Clutches                       Magnetic coils



Broschüre Kern Präzisionsmotoren
    • DA Series - for precise positioning 
    • GM Series - the robust line under the precision motors
    • PSeries - Precision meets performance


    PDF Motors (0,8 MB)

    • Permanentmagnet brakes and clutches
    • Hysteresis brakes and hysteresis clutches
    • Electric friction brakes
    • Magnetic powder brakes


    PDF Brakes (1,6 MB)

    • Coreless coils
    • Coils on bobbins
    • Extruded Coils
    • Coil winding technology
    • Connection and bandaging



    PDF Spulen (0,7 MB)




Paint heaters                                                                                        





    Benefits for the industrial painting

    The hot spray technology makes painting economic!



    PDF Paint heaters ( 0,3 MB)