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Kern Antriebstechnik product brochure



A Kern product is always as distinct as its area of application. The sector requirements and special applications are highly diverse; all our products are thus carefully custom-made solutions for our clients’ applications. Our products are not comparable with mass-produced goods and shall also never be such.

Kern does not offer a standard solution. And we are proud of this, because it is one of our USPs.





We are responsible for our products and thus, for our clients’ success. Manufacturing in compliance with the most-demanding criteria, paying attention to the smallest details and a product philosophy that leaves nothing to chance have made our motors what they are today.

We maintain a cooperative company culture that is based on respect and trust, follow the safety regulations and are aware of our responsibility for the health and wellbeing of our employees, because they are, to us, a valuable asset.

We are also aware of our ecological responsibility as a company. We therefore use our resources carefully and avoid wastage of any kind.



Kernn Antriebstechnik Individualität als Stärke