CTQ-Critical to Quality

CTQ - Critical to Quality


Quality is of great importance at Kern. We manufacture all strategic components of our products in-house and ensure a seamless and integrated quality chain.

Test Centre for Quality

Qualitätsprüfung in Testzentrum

Permanent Optimization

is the key to improve a bit every day.


Qualitätstest Spulenwicklung

Kern Precision

High precision propulsion technology is our strength


Since 2002, Kern Antriebstechnik GmbH is an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer of small motors. Since 2003, we have also been an ATEX-certified production plant for manufacturing products for explosive operating conditions. Numerous other distinctions and certifications have followed in the meantime.


We understand quality as a process that concerns all operating activities and is implemented by humans. We therefore attach utmost importance to motivated, committed and well-educated employees, who consider and assume the quality of our products to be an expression of our respect towards the clients.


Quality process


We manufacture all core components in-house. We guarantee an integrated and completely uniform quality process. Be it for individual handmade pieces or for the series assembly in the Just-in-Time procedure.



Quality as part of the company structure

Qualität  als Teil der Unternehmensstruktur