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Kern Antriebstechnik Product overview

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Kern Antriebstechnik Productbrochure

Kern Propusion Technology

Kern Antriebstechnik GmbH focuses on the development and production of high-precision electric motors, permanently and separately excited electromagnetic clutches and brakes as well as professional coil winding technology.


We are an unbiased system supplier for drive components and OEM product solutions.
As a system integrator, we offer our clients real full-line-service, right from the conception of drive components, the development and development-related designing, the in-house prototype and sample production, up to the series supply.


Kern Antriebstechnik Unternehmensstruktur

As an ATEX and ISO9001:2008 certified production company, we have nearly all relevant manufacturing technologies in-house. We are part of a large, well-established network of partner companies, which allows us to react to the changing requirements of our clients quickly and flexibly


We look forward to attending our clients and contributing to their success with our solutions.